Friday, July 22, 2016

Elon Wanta To Build Two more Landing Pads For The Falcon Heavy Rocket

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YES the return and landing of the Falcon 9 rocket first stage is spectacular. The landing Pad is on the cape not too far from the light house on Cape Canaveral near what was called ICBM road. The tentative landing pads proposed would be on the wildlife refuge towards the mosquito lagoon haul-over canal the environmentalists are trying to block.
The the reason why Elon is doing the landings on the Cape Air Force property is because the Cape Canaveral Port Authority is jacking up the fees to bring his cargo/first stage back into the docking space at the Port. In other words they are charging him the same as they charge the cruise ships to berth at Port Canaveral!

The cool part of the landing is the sonic booms. The the returning Falcon first stages are louder than the shuttle! Also the timing: the landing occurs almost the same time as the payload release into orbit - multitasking at it's finest. Go Space X.

On Thursday, July 21, 2016 3:33 AM, Bill Douglass <> wrote:
Hi Rob
Assume you have seen the Falcon 9 first stages come back and land on the Cape? Pretty spectacular? Where is the existing pad located and where will the two new ones be located?

Am still waiting for the first launch of the Falcon Heavy - maybe early 2017?

Great that Dream Chaser folks got one of the contracts to lift supplies up to the space station and bring the experiment results back and land them on your runway there. Sad though that that the XCOR people have stopped work on the Lynx. Looks like Bezos will beat Branson taking paying customers above 100 km so they can be astronauts.


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