Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Explore Mars Celebrates The Extraordinary Life Of Eugene Cernan

Explore Mars Celebrates Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Eugene Cernan


Explore Mars
Committed to Human Exploration of Mars by the 2030s

Explore Mars Celebrates Extraordinary Life and Legacy of Eugene Cernan

On December 14, 1972, astronaut Eugene "Gene" Cernan left the last human footprints on the Moon as he began climbing the ladder to re-enter the lunar module Challenger before lifting off to dock with the Apollo 17 Command Module, America.  Nearly 45 years later, no human explorers have returned to the Moon or even ventured beyond low earth orbit.  Gene was disappointed to have carried the "last man" title for so long, but remained optimistic that humans would soon return to the Moon and eventually push on to Mars.

Gene Cernan passed away on January 16, 2017, after living an extraordinary life of service and exploration.  He never lost his passion for space exploration, and was a forceful advocate for our nation's space program.  Moreover, he was ever hopeful about humanity's future in space, even if the pace of progress was slower that what he had expected.

Explore Mars celebrates the life of this American hero, who helped to push the boundaries of what is possible.  According the Explore Mars CEO Chris Carberry, "Gene Cernan was among a small group of only 12 humans who have set foot on another world.  While Gene did not live to see us return to the Moon or venture to Mars, he knew that significant progress is being made today on the hardware and technologies that will once again take us beyond low earth orbit. "  Carberry added, "While human missions to Mars in the early 2030s are the focus of our space program, I have no doubt that we will use the same technology to eventually return to the Moon, finally relieving Gene of his designation as 'last man' on the Moon."
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